Imagine a football match that attracts millions worldwide plus 6 bored astronauts in space. However,  some of them should better not watch the game. This is their story.

While in Soccer City in South Africa the final match of the football championship 2010 is kicked of, an old football coach is battling with the function defaults of his similarly old TV. A super hero in his shabby one- roomed flatlet watches the match in underwear, ironing his super hero dress while each team fails to score. Much to late he realizes that his super iron is the cause for a complete power cut in the city. Meanwhile the local football fans, cut out of their viewing pleasure, gang up and form the football monster, a creature that terrorizes the city until finally electricity is on again. The multinational crew of the space station doesn’t register any of those events, they are far to occupied watching the transmission of the match. This is a particularly bad idea, since an irregular array of meteorites is approaching fast. In a cell in prison three detainees have different interests while the match is on: one wants to see the transmission while the remaining wants to escape and need his help.And also dog owner Dave is indecisive. Would it be more fun to watch the match or rather the science programme on the third channels- or better comply to the urge of his dog to do his doggy business and go outside.