After 4 years, 5 month and estimated 27 days we will premiere the film at DOK Leipzig. We are really happy to show the film for the first time at world’s oldest festival for documentary films with their renowned animation programme. Looking forward to the 29th october…



Watching The Ball in the mix

No time for ping-pong:(  While sound postproducion facility Basis Berlin features exquisite possibilities for playing table tennis,we were far to bussy using it’s equally superb features for sound mixing to make Watching the Ball a real aural candy. After spending two days in the mix we left very pleased, with a farewell match on the table.


Good news from Amsterdam

Watching the ball got funded from European Cultural Foundation (ECF)! -much needed support which makes it possible to fly in the whole crew from 5 different countries for a workshop in late autumn. We don’t know yet where this will take place- hopefully it’s gonna be in moderate climate:)

Lately our main storyline got almost finished mostly,  which meant that 8 different story-lines had to be aligned along the progress of  the final match of soccer championship 2010 (Netherlands against Spain, in case you do not remember). Done that, we are striving towards the animatic, hopefully ready in summer…


DEFA prize for Watching the ball

The DEFA awards us a development grant for Watching the ball, to be handed over in Munich during a screening of selected film from the Filmfest Dresden’s 2010 edition. We are excited for this really good start, crossing fingers for more support and the detailed scriptwriting that begins now.