Iron in Berlin

Anastasia is in Berlin for a week staying at my place and we visit some places for insights about the best way of making her stop motion the least painful. There is also a good deal of talking about the story of Iron Man and some good ideas come to the story.


Workshop Cologne-getting the ball to roll….


The end of the year sees pretty much all the team meeting up in Cologne. For three days we go through storyboard, animatic- and the bars at night:) Having the first time everybody together since Filmfestival Dresden is such a good feeling, after almost 20 month of endless skype,  and mail-talks. After a long weekend everyboday heads home full of inspirations and never thought before bowling skills. And we are almost ready to start production….


Dresden revisited

One year after our first meeting in Dresden, a part of the team is back for the 10th annual exchange forum where participants of the nine precedent years gather. Beside the busy festival schedule and the programme of the exchange forum we steal some time to meet and discuss aspects of the respective stories- and have a walk on the hills surrounding the city.


Building the team

Animators and producers from nine different countries were gathered together for the Exchange Forum in Belgrade. How many of them will work together on the film? I really hoped for a production with a team as diverse as possible. And many mails and hours of skype conferences later we startthe project with a crowd of ten from six different countries. There is Anastasia Tasic, Krunoslav Jovic, Nenad Krstic, Uroš Krčadinac, Vid Rajn from Serbia, Ivan Ramadan from Bosnia, Tatiana Moshkova from Russia, Katre Haav from Estonia, Scotsman Steward Comrie as well as Michael Schwertel, Martin Kleinmichel and Till Laßmann from Germany.


Belgrade: birth of an idea

Belgrade, 2 am. After a workshop with Miloš Tomić that sends us with cuddly toys into town (see picture above), we are sitting in a bar with a lot of smoke and a shark hanging from the ceiling. The music is so loud, you scream to your neighbour if you want to be heard. „Why don’t we make a film all together“? I scream. We, that is all the animators sitting under the shark at night and being proud participants of Dresden Filmfest’s Exchange Forum at day. After some days at the Filmfest in Dresden we relocated to Belgrade for more workshops, panels and films. Participants come as far as Japan, Israel, Russia or Scotland. Well, let’s top the experience with a film, shall we?