Renovating prison

With the first animation tests done, it is time to do something about the look of the prison, namely add more atmosphere and shadows to it. Here is some steps and tests. Enjoy!


Visual Design for Prison

As a result of the last meeting in Arnstadt we changed the animation technique of the Prison-story. It is now animated in stop trick, opposed to the previous classic 2d-drawing approach. It goes without saying, that the layout of characters and set changed a lot with this decision. Here is sketches that show the development of the characters from the start on.


Prison revisited

Arnstadt is a nice town in the middle of Germany. Katre Haav and I met here to work on the prison story (-actually we changed it almost completely while we were at it..). Now we have a streamlined  NEW prison story, NEW Characters, a slightly new ending. Needles to say, that also the style changed, subject of a different post (with pictures!).