Making of the making of

The monster from Tatiana Moshkova which already created furore in the film found it’s way to Berlin. Now it looms from a wall at RAW temple in Friedrichshain. What is it gonna do? Stay tuned for more information to come soon..


New Monster Scenes

Tatiana Moshkova made new backgrounds and scenes in beautiful watercolour tones- ready to be destroyed by the raging football monster. See some stills from the new material.




Drafting football fans

We are working on the design of the football fans for the monster-story in Watching the ball. After a current break in the city, rioting football fans become so intense in their rage that they form a monster and doom is at hand. But how much individuality do we allow the fans that become part of something else? That’s the main question we are trying to find out in the layout drafts.


Iron man meets the football monster

Anastasia Tasic has a passion for superheroes. She even hosts one in her room in a tiny self made puppet set. For her episode in the film this super will become Iron Man, equipped with the super power to:  iron. Of course Iron Man can also fly and is very much into watching football. Probably that’s why he misses to tackle the problem with the city being attacked by a monster in a prober way.

The monster on the other side is not the classical Godzilla-style creature with big claws and bad manners. Tatiana Moshkova’s monster is made of people who couldn’t watch the match properly because of a power blackout. Who said that football makes people aggressive? No football is even worse.

The stories of Anastasia and Tatiana will interact over the course of the film and finally give us the answer to the question: Will Iron Man finally save the city from the destruction caused by the monster? And will electricity be back before the end of the match?


The Monster gets Watching The Ball

Hoologanism is a problem quiet common in Russia. So we are told. Tatianna Moshkova lets a crowd of football fans get violent after electricity breaks down in the city. The fans literally become a monster which is devastating the city. While both hooligans and monster are clearly up for evil, the first still have a certain association to football. When the football is gone (how do you watch a broadcast of a match when electricity is off?), it’s clearly monster time….