Who took the trophy?

A short test to define the camera movement along the Dutrch team. Followers of the championshop notice, the trophy is not the original. Who took it?


The metamorphosis of Wesley Sneijder

For the match- part of Watching the Ball we will have real football, championship-class football. Unfortunately the original players weren’t available so we will go with some slightly simplified characters (24 drawings is a lot of penwork). But how much simplyfying is best? That’s the question of the moment.


Perspectives in the match

There is actual historical basis for the film, the match between the Dutch and Spanish team in the championship finals of 2010. But how to transform the actions of the match into animation? To find the best shots and framing we are working with 3d animation for camera positioning. The images below show some test for the 82nd minute of the match, where Dutch player Robben fails kick the ball around the Spanish goalkeeper.

The situation on the TV broadcast