Time travel made simple

Here’s the device to make time travelling finally come true: the TT200+1x: Fit to send a single astronaut unto a journey through time, it takes advantage of the latest evolutions in ultra high frequence data transmission.  Using the so called collaboration delay effect, it creates a network of independent time units, for simplicity called time bubbles here.

While the idea sounds odd at first, the proof of the concept lies in this very article. By watching these images you are looking at snapshots from Belgrade 2010 when the fine young film maker from Watching the ball first met and the vague idea of the film was born.

And simultaneously we are very proud to announce the Serbian premiere of the (mysteriously finished) film five years later at the Program Balkan Panorama on Thursday 8th of October at 16:00 in the Studentski Grad’ Cultural Centre. All part of the Balkananima animation film festival, of course.