The Team

Anastasia Tasic (Serbia)



Anastasia graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Belgrade and works as Artist and Animator. She directs and animates the “Iron Men” -story.


Ivan Ramadan (Bosnia)


Ivan made several award wining short films where he directs, animates, edits and caters all by himself. His ability to party is notorious at all the places that where brave enough to invite him. He directs and animates the “All you need to know” episode.


Katre Haav (Estonia)


Katre holds both a degree at the Estonian academy of Fine arts and the renowned Bauhaus university in Germany. She wrote and directs various short films and is the director and animator of the “Prison” Story.


Krunoslav Jovic (Serbia)



Krunoslav specialised in the rare art of classic animation and refines short spots and ads with his crafts. He animates the parts of the real match in “Watching the ball”.


Martin Kleinmichel (Germany)


Martin holds a degree in history of arts but threw himself into documentary and animation film making. He has a vaste range of interests and directs, edits and writes music. Martin is the director and co-producer of “Watching the ball”.


Michael Schwertel (Germany)



Michael holds a long track in media and is currently head of media managment at the Cologne business school.  He is the producer of “Watching the ball”.


Nenad Krstic (Serbia) 



Nenad graduated from Belgrade University of Fine Arts and worte and directed several short films as well as other projects. He directs and animates the “Astronauts”.


Tatiana Moshkova (Russia)


Tatiana studied at the university of film and TV in St. Petersburg. She made various short films that were shown around the globe. She directs and animates the “Football monster” episode.


Till Laßmann (Germany)


Till is an illustrator by nature and probably learned drawing before he could walk.  He uses his pen where other people grab for a camera. For Watching the ball he animates and directs Dave vs his dog.


Uros Krcadinac (Serbia)     


Uros balances himself on the edge between science and art. He both codes projects of artificial intelligence and animates short films about art and self perception. Uros will develp a new combination of computer driven and classic animation for the title sequence of “Watching the ball”.


Vid Rajin (Serbia)



Vid graduated from university of fine arts in Belgrade. He made several short films that were shown at festivals in many countries but has an equally strong interest in