I got mail

A postman knocked on my door theses days to propose a little exchange: my signature against his promising looking envelope. Ok, at first it didn’t look that appealing and I was rather trying to remember any acts from my part, that would justify that amount of paperwork. But quickly it turned out the nature of the shipment was entirely positive. The dear people of ANIMA, Festival International de Animación de Córdoba/ Argentina had sent a catalogue. How takes the pain of sending catalogues for a 12 minute appearance in the world panorama section these days? Well, they do! And even better, the catalogue is a box of many dozen of postcards as you can see. Funnily we share the postcard with David Buob from my hometown Dresden. Cheers David and many thanks to Argentina.


WTB and the Oscars

Sorry to misguide you, no coincidence set us close to the ceremony at the Dolby Theatre. Still Watching the Ball won a nice little price with a long name just a couple of days before the Oscars- Brazilian international student animation festival “Animarte!” gave us the first prize for best professional sport film.
Very proud about the prize and very sorry to be in freezing Berlin instead of summery Brazil.


WTB at Offside

No, we haven’t been closer to the opponents’ goal line than both the ball and the second-to-last opponent. We just happen to be invited to Offside Football Festival and WTB will be screened at the closing ceremony march 13 in Barcelone.



While WTB is nowadays a widely known abreviation for Watching the Ball, many are unshure what FCB stands for. Some opt for Feedback Control Bypass, wile others think of obscure football clubs like FC Barcelone or FC Bayern. And there is also the FC Basel, which will be in focus at the starting day of football film festival Flutlicht in Basel on friday, 15th january. Which takes us back to WTB, that will be screened two days later in the shortfilm section of Flutlicht.


Watching The Ball in Brasil

Certainly among the top teams in soccer, Brasil is now also among the screening countries for WTB. Short film festival animarte! is dedicated to animation films and student audience and will screen in December Brasilian and International shorts in Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba. It would be so nice to be there, but unfortunately it’s just so much “not around the corner” :(


Middle East Premiere

Two days left and 3rd filmfestival in Duhok is a thing of the past. But not before on the last day of the festival will be middle eastern premiered and without doubt seed a glorious Kurdish football tradition:)


Bosnian animation in Sarajevo

Sarajevo, great hometown of the well known Ivan Ramadan (or vice versa) hosts each year the most important film festival of the Balkans. Which makes the vibrating city for one week even more buzzing. Very handy to know an approved local guide to it’s bars and night places. Btw, Watching the ball was screened at noon, as only animation film at the Bosnian shortfilm section with some hundred people in the audience. Glad to be there!



“Parkflimmern”- a German word creation maybe best translated as ‘Flickering in the park’ screens today a fine selection of shortfilms featuring our multinationalcultural collaboration. The event takes place at Parkclub in Fürstenwalde, a townlet north of Berlin.


New continents

Happy to announce the south american premiere! As part of the world panorama slot our story of football and desaster will be screened at Anima Córdoba in Argentina in september. And we will also be in Russia at Krok Festival and in Greece (3rd festical in Greece) at Be There in Korfu! Be There:)


Festivals, Poster

Tatiana Moshkova designed our cool new poster that we’ll be more than eager to use at Sarajevo IFF in august and Duhok IFF in September, where Watching The Ball is screened next. See for yourself…..


Cartoon Club

Watching The Ball is selected for Cartoon Club Award which is a part of the Cartoon Club Rimini from 17th to 20th July in Rimini/Italy. Yeah!


Impressions from 11mm in Berlin

Astro Turf instead of the usual red carpet and a coaching bench in front of the cinema. Welcome to a festival that’s all around watching the ball in cinema ;-)
As quite a view people of the crew are from Berlin, the festival was a nice opportunity to gather and rehearse positioning for a good wall. Ready for the next free kick…


Athens! Marathon!

In an epic struggle against sensory overload of their visual cortex, the audience at Athens Animafest Animation Film Festival 2015 will face Watching The Ball (among approximately 250 other animation shorts) at the Marathon section from 26th to 31st of March. Know your limits and don’t forget drinking (water, what else…..)


Return to start. Watching The Ball is screened at Filmfest Dresden.

Finally: Five years (!) after the first meeting we come back to the point of origin and celebrate the completion of Watching The Ball and the great hospitality of Filmfest Dresden and the Exchange Forum. Big Thanks to Annegret Richter and Lars Meyer for their restless support during the years.

At Dresden the film is part of the programme “Cinema Roulette”(Thursday, 16th April 2015) which will be screened in  a former casino and betting office with a unique character.


Making of the making of

The monster from Tatiana Moshkova which already created furore in the film found it’s way to Berlin. Now it looms from a wall at RAW temple in Friedrichshain. What is it gonna do? Stay tuned for more information to come soon..


First Screening: DOK Leipzig

World Wide Premiere of Watching The Ball during 57th festival “DOK Leipzig” in Germany! In the section of International programme the film was screened together with fine Belgian, Italian, Estonian, Swiss, Australian, French and German Animation. Many thanks to the wonderfull team of DOK Leipzig for the nice festival:)



After 4 years, 5 month and estimated 27 days we will premiere the film at DOK Leipzig. We are really happy to show the film for the first time at world’s oldest festival for documentary films with their renowned animation programme. Looking forward to the 29th october…



Watching The Ball in the mix

No time for ping-pong:(  While sound postproducion facility Basis Berlin features exquisite possibilities for playing table tennis,we were far to bussy using it’s equally superb features for sound mixing to make Watching the Ball a real aural candy. After spending two days in the mix we left very pleased, with a farewell match on the table.


Redesign of an old friend

The third time’s the charm. The actual and final redesign brings new traits of character to the old football buff. He is at the same time more excited and fragile than in previous versions. The reduction in colours and clear lines helps to focus on the animation and the story.


New Monster Scenes

Tatiana Moshkova made new backgrounds and scenes in beautiful watercolour tones- ready to be destroyed by the raging football monster. See some stills from the new material.




Iron and Fire

What does a super do in his spare time? He has to focus. He has to do what needs to be done. And so Iron man skillfully prepares his dress while his city in the background is devasted by a (paper) firestorm. What can you do? If YOUR super-power would be ironing, what would you YOU do?



Testing Lighting and Texture on Dave

Till Lassmann made a great effort to give life to Dave and his dog which will show up as the last scene of the film. This short clip shows the setting and timing, the animation of Uros Krcadinac in the TV is yet missing. Probably we finally need to find a name for the dog…


Who took the trophy?

A short test to define the camera movement along the Dutrch team. Followers of the championshop notice, the trophy is not the original. Who took it?


The metamorphosis of Wesley Sneijder

For the match- part of Watching the Ball we will have real football, championship-class football. Unfortunately the original players weren’t available so we will go with some slightly simplified characters (24 drawings is a lot of penwork). But how much simplyfying is best? That’s the question of the moment.


Renovating prison

With the first animation tests done, it is time to do something about the look of the prison, namely add more atmosphere and shadows to it. Here is some steps and tests. Enjoy!


Visual Design for Prison

As a result of the last meeting in Arnstadt we changed the animation technique of the Prison-story. It is now animated in stop trick, opposed to the previous classic 2d-drawing approach. It goes without saying, that the layout of characters and set changed a lot with this decision. Here is sketches that show the development of the characters from the start on.


Visual design for oldie

He spends most of his days inside with his memories and his TV set. Oldie is an elderly man with some health issues but a big enthusiasm for football. Being a coach for many teams himself in the past, his small flat is packed with reminiscences to the past. This is some steps in the process of the character layout from Vid Rajin.


Drafting football fans

We are working on the design of the football fans for the monster-story in Watching the ball. After a current break in the city, rioting football fans become so intense in their rage that they form a monster and doom is at hand. But how much individuality do we allow the fans that become part of something else? That’s the main question we are trying to find out in the layout drafts.


Perspectives in the match

There is actual historical basis for the film, the match between the Dutch and Spanish team in the championship finals of 2010. But how to transform the actions of the match into animation? To find the best shots and framing we are working with 3d animation for camera positioning. The images below show some test for the 82nd minute of the match, where Dutch player Robben fails kick the ball around the Spanish goalkeeper.

The situation on the TV broadcast


Prison revisited

Arnstadt is a nice town in the middle of Germany. Katre Haav and I met here to work on the prison story (-actually we changed it almost completely while we were at it..). Now we have a streamlined  NEW prison story, NEW Characters, a slightly new ending. Needles to say, that also the style changed, subject of a different post (with pictures!).




The burden of meteorites

Here are some sketches for the Astronaut-story. The space crew stopped working and is only watching the match. Only the navigator is left to control the ship. How long will he maintain control with the upcoming meteorites? All artwork was done by Nenad Krstic.


Iron in Berlin

Anastasia is in Berlin for a week staying at my place and we visit some places for insights about the best way of making her stop motion the least painful. There is also a good deal of talking about the story of Iron Man and some good ideas come to the story.


Workshop Cologne-getting the ball to roll….


The end of the year sees pretty much all the team meeting up in Cologne. For three days we go through storyboard, animatic- and the bars at night:) Having the first time everybody together since Filmfestival Dresden is such a good feeling, after almost 20 month of endless skype,  and mail-talks. After a long weekend everyboday heads home full of inspirations and never thought before bowling skills. And we are almost ready to start production….


Dresden revisited

One year after our first meeting in Dresden, a part of the team is back for the 10th annual exchange forum where participants of the nine precedent years gather. Beside the busy festival schedule and the programme of the exchange forum we steal some time to meet and discuss aspects of the respective stories- and have a walk on the hills surrounding the city.