Redesign of an old friend

The third time’s the charm. The actual and final redesign brings new traits of character to the old football buff. He is at the same time more excited and fragile than in previous versions. The reduction in colours and clear lines helps to focus on the animation and the story.


New Monster Scenes

Tatiana Moshkova made new backgrounds and scenes in beautiful watercolour tones- ready to be destroyed by the raging football monster. See some stills from the new material.




The metamorphosis of Wesley Sneijder

For the match- part of Watching the Ball we will have real football, championship-class football. Unfortunately the original players weren’t available so we will go with some slightly simplified characters (24 drawings is a lot of penwork). But how much simplyfying is best? That’s the question of the moment.


Renovating prison

With the first animation tests done, it is time to do something about the look of the prison, namely add more atmosphere and shadows to it. Here is some steps and tests. Enjoy!


Visual Design for Prison

As a result of the last meeting in Arnstadt we changed the animation technique of the Prison-story. It is now animated in stop trick, opposed to the previous classic 2d-drawing approach. It goes without saying, that the layout of characters and set changed a lot with this decision. Here is sketches that show the development of the characters from the start on.


Visual design for oldie

He spends most of his days inside with his memories and his TV set. Oldie is an elderly man with some health issues but a big enthusiasm for football. Being a coach for many teams himself in the past, his small flat is packed with reminiscences to the past. This is some steps in the process of the character layout from Vid Rajin.


Drafting football fans

We are working on the design of the football fans for the monster-story in Watching the ball. After a current break in the city, rioting football fans become so intense in their rage that they form a monster and doom is at hand. But how much individuality do we allow the fans that become part of something else? That’s the main question we are trying to find out in the layout drafts.


Prison revisited

Arnstadt is a nice town in the middle of Germany. Katre Haav and I met here to work on the prison story (-actually we changed it almost completely while we were at it..). Now we have a streamlined  NEW prison story, NEW Characters, a slightly new ending. Needles to say, that also the style changed, subject of a different post (with pictures!).




The burden of meteorites

Here are some sketches for the Astronaut-story. The space crew stopped working and is only watching the match. Only the navigator is left to control the ship. How long will he maintain control with the upcoming meteorites? All artwork was done by Nenad Krstic.